For more information about the Higher Speed Rail Project, we recommend these links:

Town of Ashland's DC2RVA Project Website
Information about the proposed DC2RVA project changes rapidly.  The Town of Ashland will use this portion of the website to provide its citizens with the most up to date information about the project, upcoming events, and general updates about the progress of the project and how it will impact the Town of Ashland and its residents. – The project’s official website, with details and maps. – Ashland resident and engineer Ian Sutton’s excellent blog examining the project in terms of risk, safety and narrative.

Sample Letter to DRPT (PDF) – The Federal Railroad Administration’s page on the project. Note that the eastern bypass (Buckingham Branch) is still included on list of possibilities that the Tier II should be considering. – Documents assembled by the Families Under the Rail group representing opposition to the western bypass. - Website opposing DRPT's proposal for a new, out of scale, train station in Ashland's historic district.

Virginians for High Speed Rail (VHSR) is a non-profit founded in 1994 to educate and advocate for fast, frequent, and reliable rail service connecting the Commonwealth to the entire East Coast.